Design sketches

Objest creates beautifully simple, Swiss made watches for designers, architects and creatives. We work with a number of world-class designers to illustrate and sketch Objest watches, these design mavericks teach, craft, and work for lovable brands like Steelcase, Jaguar Land Rover, but above all else they are modern day story tellers.

Reid Schlegel

Reid Schlegel is a NYC based Industrial Designer with a solid history working in the design consulting and education space. He is currently a Senior Industrial Designer at Aruliden and previously worked at frog and SMART Design. As a design educator Reid teaches at the Parsons School of Design and visits Universities and Companies globally to guest lecture and teach his design process methodologies and design skills.

Tony Elkington

Tony is an industrial designer fresh out of university, however don’t let that fool you. This talented designer posses those rare skills of being able to quickly sketch products and communicate product stories that have a human-like connection. We love his gestural sketching style, illustrative approach and ability to make products pop, through composition, accurate scale and playful realism.



McKay is an industrial designer based in New York. Starting off as an engineer, Mckay soon turned to the dark side of industrial design!. His creativity and engineering thinking is evident in his sketching approach, by way of working up layers to communicate a product story. We love that fact that not all of his work is too polished, leaving room for interpretation.



Sam is a designer at consultancy Precipice Design London, where he works on design strategy, medical design, FMCG, branding, and packaging. He is a young designer with buckets full of motivation and a keen eye for tech, digital sketching and rendering. We love his digital approach, compositions, subtle textures and realism while still retaining a sketch-like feeling.


Adityaraj Dev

Adityaraj Dev has a proven track record of designing incredible products for some of the world’s best loved brands. He is the design lead of interior design at Jaguar & Land Rover. His  tightly honed, super controlled style that is droolworthy. We love is elevational shading, richness of linework and the way he communicates 3D objects, products and interior details through sketching.


Joey Zeledón

Joey Zeledón is an award-winning Industrial Designer. Throughout his career, he has designed footwear for Clarks and Banana Republic, furniture and spaces for Steelcase, and everything from housewares and consumer electronics to beauty products and food experiences for a variety of clients while consulting at Smart Design and Continuum. .We love his airbrushed style that has gestural, human-like qualities.

Sketch with us

We love working with talented designers, architects, and illustrators. If you think your style would resonate with Objest and our family of creatives lets chat. Post images tagging us to get featured on and be in for a chance to win a watch.